Mezzotint: Bumblebee Queens by Andrew Tyzack

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Mezzotint Bumblebees
‘British Bumblebee Queens’, hand coloured mezzotint, by Andrew Tyzack
A limited edition of 90

Tyzack & Bumblebee Mezzotint @ Palace Art Fair

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Tyzack and Bumblebees

Andrew Tyzack is exhibiting: 'British Bumblebees', an 84 plate, hand coloured mezzotint
with Duckett & Jeffreys @ The Palace Art Fair, London, SW6 17th-19th May 2013

New Queen Honeybee Engraving by Andrew Tyzack

Queen honeybee mezzotint engraving by Andrew Tyzack. Now available framed and matted. A limited edition of 60 printed on Hahnemühle acid free paper.

Honeybee queen

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Six Bumblebee Queens: Mezzotint Engraving

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