Bee Painting by Val Littlewood now at Bees in Art

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The Leafcutter Bee
The Leafcutter Bee by Val Littlewood

Bees in Art welcomes bee painter Val Littlewood.

Val Littlewood has recently completed a successful exhibition of bee paintings at the Lost Garden of Heligan, Cornwall.

Val Littlewood has been an artist, illustrator, designer and lecturer for many years. Currently her exhibition “Buzz, A Celebration of British Bees” is touring the UK.

While always interested in natural history subjects, the bee paintings came about more by accident than design:

“ Two years ago while doing some gardening for my father I found our old beehives, tucked away and no longer in use. Such memories flooded in about the delightful bees and their honey that I decided to paint a honey bee for my Pencil and Leaf blog. From came a commission from a bee enthusiast to paint a set of 16 bees. While researching and studying bees it was impossible not to become very fond of these delightful and hardworking little creatures. They are fine natural architects, ingenious nest builders, solicitous mothers and cooperative workers. Their stories are fascinating yet they generally pursue their crucial work of pollinating our crops and garden flowers unseen and unappreciated. To help raise awareness of bees and the need to protect them and their habitats I decided to paint 25 of our British wild bees for a small exhibition “Buzz, A celebration of British Bees” The aim of Buzz is to help people understand more about these wonderful friends of ours and appreciate their very distinct personalities. Bees need us and we need bees!

Val Littlewood