The Surrey Beekeeper: Book Title Competition


James Dearsley AKA The Surrey Beekeeper tells us about his forthcoming beekeeping book and the competition to find its title.

As some of you may know I wrote a little book during my first year as a beekeeper. It was all about my efforts to get just one jar of honey and my journey learning all about bees. I had a lovely time in that first year and wanted to tell everyone about it. I was very lucky to have been picked up by the Summersdale Publishing Company who will be publishing the book next year. However, we are all deliberating on the final title and we thought we would have some fun and open it out to everyone else to make the decision.

Therefore, put your entries in the comments box (the more entries the merrier!); the team at Summersdale will then pick their top 5 and we will then put it to the public vote to see who gets to name the title. There are some amazing prizes (!)……and I may just chuck in a jar of next years honey to add to the prize fund.

Click here to enter.

James Dearsley AKA The Surrey Beekeeper