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The Nature Blog Network is the nexus for the nature blog community, the portal through which readers and publishers alike can locate the very best nature blogs on the net. To serve the nature blog community, we’ve put together a site with two distinct parts:


A toplist is a list of websites ranked according to a metric like pageviews. Successful toplists help connect interested readers to the sites they most enjoy. The Nature Blog Network list presents over 950 of the world’s best blogs on birds, bugs, plants, herps, hiking, oceans, ecosystems, and every other natural topic. Adding your blog to this spectacular toplist is the perfect way to reach new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer, and to see where your site falls amongst your respected peers. And it’s FREE!

This toplist is open to all BLOGS focused on the discussion of nature in its myriad forms. Learn more about the Nature Blog Network on our Join page.


Nature blogging isn’t easy. Not only do you have to impress your readers with an encyclopedic grasp of and infectious passion for your subject matter, you have to dazzle them with your unparalleled mastery of language, photography, and your chosen blogging platform. If you’re interested in the art and science of nature blogging, the Nature Blog Network blog has what you need. Don’t ever miss a post — subscribe to the Nature Blog Network blog feed.

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