Bees in a Mechanised Beehive

Africanised Honeybees Infographic USA

Africanized Honeybee Infographic

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Spot the Varroa Mite: Honeybee has a Hitchhiker

Thank the honeybees with flowers!


Thank the honeybees with flowers!

Honeybees make the yummiest, scrummiest natural fuel on the planet. To say thanks to the bees, Rowse are planting thousands of bee-friendly flowers. But they want you to get involved!Write a thank you note to the bees on their Facebook page, and they’ll plant a flower just for you, with your very own message on it. And they’ll send you a photo so you can see!That means there’ll be thousands of flowers all throughout England’s community gardens, with thank you notes to the bees from their fans.
Over the next couple of weeks they’ll be zipping all over the place, hand-writing notes, tending soil, planting flowers and snapping every one so we can send you your own photo. Then they’ll send all the flowers to community gardens. Rowse think it’s a lovely way to thank the bees for their hard work.

So come along and write a thank you note on their Facebook page!

They (and the bees) would be most grateful if you’d tell your bee-loving friends about our bee-autiful idea too. So spread the buzz!