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Books and dust jackets featuring Graham Sutherland's illustrations and artwork.

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Graham Sutherland is an important twentieth century artist; his most familiar work was derivative of landscape, symbolic and allegorical. But bestiaries featured large and the 'Bees Suite' represents Sutherland's near naturalist's parallel of a ruthlessly ordered insect world with human society.

But now some thirty years on, the Suite seems to be a clairvoyant portent of Man's assumption that nature will always provide. Today with a third of beekeepers' colonies collapsing and Einstein's dire warning of life ceasing four years after a demise of the honeybees, the 'Bees Suite' shocks us no less with it's central themes of regicide committed by the first born virgin queen honeybee and bees' mutual dependence on flowering plants. Only now we realise that we too may have a real dependence on bees to sustain our food supplies.

The 'Bees Suite' came about after a suggestion made by Dr. and Mrs. Braer, who also provided Sutherland with 'research' material and encouragement. The whole suite of fourteen etching and aquatints is a limited edition of 66. The 'Bees Suite' is beautifully reproduced in 'Bees', published by the Marlborough Gallery.
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Graham Sutherland Born 1903 / died 1980
  • Bees

    Medium: catalogue paperback with dust jacket
    Dimensions: 29.5 cm x 21 cm
    Condition: excellent