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Alesso B, by Michael Tyzack, John Moores prize winner 1965

Alesso B, by Michael Tyzack, John Moores prize winner 1965 #johnmoorespaintingprize #michaeltyzack #walkerartgallery #liverpool #contemporaryart #artistsoninstagram #artist #art #tyzack #huguenots #huguenot

Tyzack family successful in Guardian newspaper and Keith Tyson offer

The Tyzack family proved successful in an offer from the UK’s and the 2002 Turner Prize-winning artist, Keith Tyson, of 5,000 free downloads of his bar-code-like “History Paintings”. Both Andrew and his father, Chris, managed to successfully win one copy each, with the ‘digital’ paintings linked to their location on the planet - from the Guardian article:

“Each work will consist of a unique randomly generated sequence of vertical stripes in red, black and green - the colours of the roulette wheel. Every image will have its own title, based on the geographical location of the user, and a serial number.”

The following are cropped images taken from the Tyzack two:



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