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Bees in Art The world’s first art gallery devoted to Bee Art Honey bees, Bumble bees and other Hymenoptera depicted in art.

Bees in Art is a sister gallery to The Land Gallery and exhibits artwork by leading artists whose fascination with bees and other Hymenoptera has inspired them. Please see: • Bee Painting • Bee Prints • Bee Drawings • Bee Photography • Bee Poetry • Bee Sculpture

We exhibit and sell bee inspired: bee cards, bee drawings, bee mixed media, bee paintings, bee photographs and bee prints in our unique and extensive online Bees in Art gallery. All work here can be purchased securely online today. Our aim is to offer you important and quality bee artwork by leading artists inspired by bees, with good investment value and at the best prices.
Bees in Art
Bee Art: The World's first gallery devoted to bees